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  • TexaKona’s Top Selling Coffee!
  • Dark cocoa, deep cherry and light grapefruit notes. It’s bold without the bite!
  • Kenya AA Blended with our Classic Kona

We were shooting for something bold when we captured the perfect Kenya AA to blend with our 100% Kona. It hit it’s target! Swahili is the language of Kenya, but we speak coffee here in the West. The wild nature of East African coffees, dried in the sun brings out a bold and sharp-shooting taste! Kenya beans yield notes like dark cocoa, a deep cherry and a light grapefruit… Our Kona makes it more rich, smooth and full of aroma. So in our corner of Texas, we formed this special cup of bliss that will have you seeing the wildest of Africa and the chillest of Kona, Hawaii.

Swahili Six Gun (Kenya/Kona Blend)

PriceFrom $21.95

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