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Coffee Museum

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TexaKona's goal is to relate, educate and caffeinate with all of our fans! This location is designed to educate and relate first! With exhibits for all ages, this coffee experience offers something for everyone! Explore exhibits about the history of coffee and where it came from, how coffee has affected the world we live in today and how you can improve your coffee experience at home! Our coffee museum project is growing and will offer more exhibits as we expand to reach more fans in the future!

Relocating to our Roasting Facility in 2023!



TexaKona Coffee Museum is currently featuring the following exhibits

  • Coffee in Crisis - A visual experience centered around coffee in war times

  • Coffee Tree - A life size model coffee tree designed around the famous plant

  • Coffee Production Wall - A step by step journey of the coffee bean to your cup

  • Mount TexaKona - A model volcano complete with a miniature coffee farm

  • Can you believe it? - A display of coffee cans through out the 1900s

  • Bean Simmons: The Coffee Addict - A visual representation of how coffee affects the body

  • Krazer as Hale Roaster - A model roaster designed by our team

  • Coffee Timeline - A unique timeline of coffee stories throughout the ages

  • Find your Grind - An interactive display to help teach the best ways to grind coffee for your brewer

  • And more!

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